GOLD! for vittyrobinson photography

What a fantastic few months its been… In May I was co-directing the amazing Olympic Pledge Everest Expedition with Kenton Cool to fulfil an 88 year old promise to place a 1924 Olympic Gold Medal on the top of Everest. It may well have taken a few years off my life in doing so but it was an incredible adventure. At midnight on the 25th May the promise made to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, was finally fulfilled with Kenton’s 10th successful summit of Everest and the placing of the Olympic medal on the top of the world.

After all that excitement a serious holiday was in order so we de-camped to Cornwall to spend a few weeks with nothing more taxing on our minds that what to take to the beach and the London 2012 Olympics to look forward to. It was while I was musing about the beach dilemma that an email pinged to me from the Guild of Photographers with the results from their National Competition…. I’ve entered every month this year – its a great exercise to try to be objective about my images and its also helped me develop my photography further – but I have a nightmare choosing which to enter and can never ever second guess which images will do better than others. Always slightly nervous, I skimmed through the email to find the bit about my results and suddenly read  ‘You’ve only gone and got a GOLD!’  WOW! A Gold!!!!!!!! The last one awarded apparently was in February this year, and are ‘extremely rare’ according to the Guild.  To echo Usain Bolt, I’m pretty proud of myself and the winning image….. so here it is:

The shoot was part of my Beautiful Basics package – see my website for more details. Fantastic family of 3 energetic girls – here are more images from the shoot:

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you like the ‘new-look’ blog!

Vitty x


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