boys will be boys

Having only girls I am always amazed by the incredible exuberance of  boys and am in complete admiration of all their mothers! A relaxed weekend walk and sticks became guns, trees were instantly climbed, hills run down at top speed (in this instant not that brilliant a photo opportunity but we let them do it anyway – several times!) and it was only after a good couple of hours of this that I stood a chance at getting some calmer portrait shots!

But as Fi, the lovely mum of these two pointed out to me when I was complimenting her on her necessary energy levels ‘I don’t have to do glitter’ – and, well, I do and glitter is a NIGHTMARE.

So even though the shoot started with 2 sets of grass stained knees, we just got on and had fun. One of my favourite shots is the family walking through the woodland – a lovely family moment.

love this montage below!


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4 thoughts on “boys will be boys

  1. Brilliant capture, as always, Vitty! My weekend shoot was a family with two girls. Girls vs boys for ease of shooting? The hurry is definitely out on that one!

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