this moment matters: the cookie session

I normally have quite a few books on the go at any one time, but I came across a sentence in one book that particularly struck me. I’ve put it on my facebook page, but here it is again. It sums up so simply how I feel about family photography:

‎”All we have in life, really, are people and moments. The portrait captures both simultaneously, and tells a story about the characters in our lives. It shows a person in a place and a time in which they will never be again; it stops the clock and says, ‘Look at this person, she matters. This moment matters.’ And whether that portrait is serious or the brief result of a cheesecake grin, we’re a little closer to seeing the soul.” David duChemin

It’s been my aim on all my shoots to endeavour to achieve a true reflection of each family which is why I favour very natural, relatively un-posed photography.

I did a day in the life of a lovely family which included lots of toy playing, having fun in the park but also a cookie making session. The family put all the images in an album so that they could capture themselves at a given time in their lives to share not only with their children as they grow but future grandchildren too (imagine if we could peek into a day in the life of our parents lives as children.. fantastic!).

I wanted to share just the cookie making session as for me it demonstrates how this moment really does matter, ordinary though it may at first appear. In particular I find the image of the mum helping her daughter cut the butter particularly poignant as not only do I remember doing this with my Mum but frequently do the same with my own children. And I’m sure the ‘licking the spoon’ image will resonate too!



and yum yum they were, too!



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