lazy sunny sundays

This was a special shoot for a number of reasons: Andrew – the Dad – was at the same school as me. Infact we were in the same house and spent many a meal together – apparently I was a bit bossy – can’t imagine that! Fast forward 20 years and our children are at the same school. Last Christmas Fair he wins my donation of a photo session which he dubs as “The Gift of Vitty” (!) and within a few weeks I’m planning the shoot with Louise, his wife.   With four children there is only one perogative – keep it simple. Simple simplicity… Super simple Sunday having lunch and playing in the garden. All very well but with siblings aged from 2 to 9 and that all important family photograph, there was a hint of nerves prior to the shoot! But when I arrived the kids were eating breakfast and in their pyjamas and that was how we started.  And the weather???  Be-AUT-IFUL – the first real day of Spring and definitely the first lunch of the year outdoors. By the time I left, I really didn’t want to and I truly would love to spend another sunny Sunday with this amazing family…. not enirely sure how I managed it but the viewing was arranged with the invitation of dinner too!

I hope the love & happiness of this family comes across in the images as strongly as it did to me on the day. Each and every one are the epitome of life, love & laughter 🙂

All children need a rock-star moment in their lives to cherish. This set we used ice creams instead of mics but I think the end result has a definite rock-star quality to it!

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