You’re not going to photograph me!

This is a post to celebrate Mums…  incredible people who have more ‘heads’ than Worzel Gummidge: washing head, cooking head, finance head, school run head, running-a-business head, chief-negotiator head, sports-teacher head, cheer-leader head, soothing head, costume-making-from-tissue-paper-and-sticky-back-plastic head, dinner party head, coffee-morning head, homework (ouch) head, fund-raising head, utility-room head, reading-parenting-books-late-at-night head, medical-expert head,  bending-down-and-picking-things-up-from-the-floor-head, being a sister/daughter/wife/friend head and not forgetting the oh-la-la! one!  😉

… but do we want such brilliant selfless talent to be included in a family lifestyle shoot  in all its awesome-ness? ‘Vitty Vitty Vitty! you’re not going to photograph me!’

“We’re exhausted… we have a wrinkle for every sleepless night spent with little ones… we are shadows of our previous gorgeous self on our wedding day… can you photoshop me?!” Oh boy do I feel like this and I’m definitely not alone! Most of the gorgeous Mums I’ve met need some degree of encouragement to be included in the photos, despite being such a lynch pin to family life. There’s no doubt I would take some persuading too (plus a fair share of anxiety at how I would look). But, it’s the job of the photographer to capture you in all your fabulousness and with that trust – and a good giggle –  I’ve had some wonderful photo sessions and possibly the most touchingly beautiful photos that I would love to share and celebrate.

So…  this is for YOU beautiful girls …  enjoy  xx

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2 thoughts on “You’re not going to photograph me!

  1. Hi Vitty… thank you so much for a fantastic Mother’s Day celebration! Happy Mother’s Day to you tooooo! Love, Andrew, Lori, Oscar and Lucas

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