When my good friend Issy said she was coming to London with her Texan honey Austin and their beautiful bump, she didn’t get a lot of say in whether she wanted to spend her Saturday morning recovering from jet lag at a luxurious spa… no it was over to mine to model for the morning!  They found out the day before that they will have a boy which made it all the more special. A while ago I’d done a ‘knit-a-thon’ making booties for a wonderful charity that helps couples become parents – so I was able to give her a blue pair with the (slightly smug) satisfaction that I’d made them myself!!

We agreed to try to get a mix of the classic pregancy shots and then some more natural ones. I have to say I love this mix – working with children, I work fast and with minimal direction so it was nice to be more involved in each shot but equally nice to just have a giggle and capture that naturally blooming fabulousness of pregnancy… not forgetting our bonanza bootie fling… you saw it here first! 😉

Congratulations Issy & Austin xxx ♥♥♥ xxx



2 thoughts on “Bumpalicious

  1. Oh my gosh Issy you look so incredibly beautiful – and Austin, so happy sweet. Can’t wait to see it in person in May! miss you both so much! Vitty, your work is amazing – Issy always has nothing but wonderful things to say!

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