all in the details

An esteemed photographer once told me that images that work particularly well are not only pleasing to look at but hold the hint of a story. It is the story – and the viewers interpretation of it – that resonates and leaves an impression.

When I look back at images I’ve taken, I find that the hint of story – whether it applies to one image or a collection of images is far more important to me than technical rules & regulations. Working with children it is a greater priority to capture that fleeting moment then compose for a technical masterpiece so I tend to opt for a successful image based on instinct rather than planning! I thought it would be nice to take some of these images I have taken recently and celebrate them for what they represent.

This detailed shot of the soft sweet curls of my daughter aged about 18 months is one I really love. The hair is slightly damp from an earlier bath, which gives a lovely crisp definition to some of the curls and mirrors the soft curve of her baby face. Her hair is a beautiful colour but I preferred this image in black and white as the way the light & shadows intertwine draws your attention to their playful nature. 

The fact that she is looking away from the camera, absorbed in something else adds another dimension – unaware that she is the subject of the lens. This image is a stolen moment with the sole purpose of capturing a beautiful dancing incarnation of babyhood – one that will all too quickly pass.


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