winter beach jump

It is almost time for the annual SWPP  convention (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) – a hangout for photographers & all things photographic. I went to my first convention last year barely knowing what I was doing… and this year 3 days doesn’t seem enough for all the people I want to see!
It’s made me think of my journey so far – I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing if it were not for a passing comment from a  friend’s Mum that hit me like a freight-train out of nowhere some 2 years ago. The revelation that I was going to be a photographer came before the training, indeed before the camera! I remember a journey back from the Lakes telling my husband over and over again that ‘I’m going to be a photographer!’  (somewhat irritatingly) but honestly it almost seems laughable the concept was so far removed from my life as it was then.
But something had clicked and there was no going backwards. I got my first digital dslr back on 10 July 2009 and its been like getting on that freight-train ever since….! There have been many amazing people who have helped shape my direction through their support and inspiration and look forward to all the awesome lot I’ve yet to meet!
I’ve always aimed for a very natural style of photography, capturing images that have the hint of a story… and of all the 1000s of images I’ve taken in the last couple of years, the one that still stands out for me is a black and white, slightly grainy image I took right at the beginning of this journey with my ancient film camera. It is of my daughter playing on a beach in Dorset in Winter, stripping off her shoes and socks to go wave jumping in the icy sea. I took just this one image (such is the power of expensive film!) and my heart skipped a beat as I took it. It skipped a beat too when I got the prints back! This was a beautiful, innocent and carefree moment of childhood captured forever. But its not just about the image. I quite like the story too 😉





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